I'll drain every last drop of the spring from you
Stan, I don’t think we’re in Tenel anymore. [Intro]


Now this was starting to infuriate Stan. She kept coming even though he already proved he was far more agile than her. A persistent little insect. And she wanted to free his slave from his power? He scoffed at that through his agitation. 

“Free my slave? Unlikely, you minicule flea. Bow before my true power before you hurt yourself!”

Once again the shadow collapsed into the ground, merging his shape into his servant’s shadow’s form. He let the girl step on him, which frustrated him, but quickly peeled up an arm and grabbed her ankle from under her and hoisted her up into the air. He chuckled deeply as he held her upside down a few feet into the air, and stared at her through his yellow eyes. 

“Hahaha! Now what will you do, useless peasant girl? You shall never stand a chance against my might!”

But as Stan stared at her, he noticed Ari laying before them and the amount of blood pooling around him. His face contorted down into a scowl as he spat bitterly. As much as he hated to care for his young servant, he had to. If anything happened to him, the shadow himself would cease to exist. That wouldn’t be any good for his plan of conquest.

“… I think that I know what to have you do. Take my slave to an infirmary, or tend to him yourself. Unless you wish to face my divine wrath.”

[Miniscule flea?! Rude. Rude, rude! Youmu knew she was young and perhaps she was smaller than the rest of those residing in the temple but she is not a flea! Her face crunched in embarrassment from the taunt and she braced herself all the more to split this jerk in two.]

[But when she threw her arms forward the blade of her sword met nothing but empty air. Again the shadow had deceived her and she felt her feet collide with the ground below. Youmu’s brows knotted together and she looked down.]

You—Ah! Put me down! PUT. ME. DOWN! I’ll slice you into a trillion pieces and scatter them across the Gensokyo!!!

[Youmu swung her blade fiercely through the air but could not reach the shadow’s body, if one could even call it that. Helplessly she dangled upside down, ankle twisting in the demon’s grasp. Her breath was becoming short the harder she fought and wiggled, but it was all in vain. Eventually the girl paused for a brief moment to consider the monster’s words. 

Her eyes slipped from his flat and cartoony expression to the blood-soaked boy directly underneath. Youmu scowled, the last thing she wanted to do right now was listen to this thing’s orders. But she couldn’t just let the young man bleed to death… She took a few deep breaths in to calm herself down and looked back up to the shadow’s face.]

I don’t understand why you would care so deeply for one you call a ‘slave’. This feels like a trick… [But hey, whatever would get her rightside-up again.]

…I’ve heard there is an abandoned infirmary that lies somewhere around this area. If you put me down I may try and escort you and your partner as we navigate to it. [A small  but accusatory finger pointed towards the shadow’s face.] But be warned, foul creature, if you try anything funny I will not hesitate to split you in half. 

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